Rapid manufacturing

Rapid manufacturing CMA-Industry

CMA-Industry has developed a high performance Rapid Manufacturing range - short cycle manufacturing - of primary parts, complex
parts and sub-assemblies

The right format

The Rapid Manufacturing range of CMA-Industry combines four proposals for adding value:

  • Its SME company format: allowing flexible processes,
  • Its level of industrial integration: allowing control of physical flows, particularly,
  • its flexibility: result of a contracting agreement on working time,
  • Its control of processes specific to Rapid Manufacturing: allowing a reduction of the various cycles and control of quality standards.

Sub-Assemblies and Parts

With its range of Rapid Manufacturing, CMA-Industry has been developing rapid responses to various type of manufacture:

Accepting requests for Rapid Manufacturing

CMA-Industry has defined the specific processes for handling Rapid Manufacturing® orders. 
When accepting enquiries, CMA-Industry is in a position:

  • to guarantee a short cycle delivery time,
  • to guarantee its prices,
  • to guarantee the duration of the offer
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Rapid manufacturing
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