Areas of activity & Types of customer

Areas of activity & Types of customer

For nearly fifty years, CMA-Industry has developed its industrial knowledge in areas of general and fine sheet metal work.

Experience: aerospace sector

Integrated manufacturing of sub-assemblies, complex or primary parts, CMA-Industry reinforces its global expertise in the areas of customer assistance, manufacturing, quality and the supply chain.
Today, CMA-Industry is a recognised Rank 1 and 2 partner with major players in France and abroad:

  • aerospace sector,
  • various other industrial sectors.

Demands: various players

With a total integrated, global range in the area of prototyping and manufacturing, and a range of industrial services, CMA-Industry meets the specific needs of projects and requirements of various types of players in the aerospace sector:

  • constructors,
  • equipment manufacturers,
  • design and engineering firms,
  • manufacturers of components, parts, sub-assemblies,
  • contractors specialising in MRO.
Key Dates
1968 : Creation of the QUEROC company (future C.M.A.) the principal customer of which is PECHINEY
Start of the 1980s: The QUEROC company then concentrated on the aeronautical sector with customers such as EUROCOPTER, SOGERMA and AIR FRANCE
1986 : QUEROC becomes C.M.A. and focused on a customer base that was essentially in the aeronautical industry
2008 : ISO9001 Certification
April 2008 : The company was bought by Mr Richard LLABARRENA, Director of Financial Affairs and Human Resources and Mrs Lucette LAGOUTTE, Director of Purchases.
2009 : EN9100 Certification (date of validity of the last certificate obtained on 23/07/2016 : 14/09/2018)
2012 : C.M.A. incorporates the Aerolean'k operation, primarily based at MECAHERS in Launaguet (31).
Octobre 2013 : DSQR (Designated Supplier Quality Representative) qualification of TURBOMECA allowing direct supply of parts produced on assembly lines of the customer without inspection by them.
2015 : C.M.A receives the 2014 SPACE AWARDS “BEST IMPROVEMENT AWARD” - C.M.A. incorporates the Industrial Performance operation, the cluster head of which is STELIA AEROSPACE
Mai 2016 : C.M.A. becomes CMA-Industry
Associated services
Rapid manufacturing®
Nickel alloys
Stainless Steel
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS STELIA Safran Zodiac bombardier Hutchinson AKKA Daher Socata JCB Lacroix